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Colinda de Groen 2016

Here today and tomorrow

Everyone has an interest in the parks and open spaces. Although you may not think about it every day, our outdoor etiquette and knowledge have a direct impact on our nature retreats.The agencies that manage those public lands and wildlife services work together with communities, schools and affiliates to facilitate environmental education programs for all age groups, to educate and pass-along the knowledge and importance of their work, to current and future generations.The parks and open space visitors are made up of you, me, and all the people who visit from other parts of the country or the world. If we learn to take care of Colorado today, it will still be beautiful tomorrow. So, Who is … responsible to keep Colorado beautiful? All of us. Jeff Scroggins Doc Mehl Giddyup Kitty RangeTracker Colinda de Groen


Jeff Scroggins and Colorado “The members of Jeff Scroggins and Colorado are very proud of our association with Range Tracker and the wonderful work they are doing! We are came to Colorado be a part of the great music scene here, and because we all love the unrivaled natural beauty and recreational opportunities available here. We named the band Colorado because of our love for this place, and because we wanted to share our love of Colorado with the people we meet as we travel around the world playing our music. Hearing our music in the Range Tracker videos is a thrill because we share their love of Colorado and the outdoors.”

Giddyup KittyGiddyup Kitty is all about the great Colorado Outdoors. We write about it in our music, we hike, fish and hunt in it. We love the snow, the mountains, the rivers and the wide open spaces. What else can I say?

Doc MehlHailing from Westminster, Colorado, Al “Doc” Mehl traces his family roots to central Kansas, where his grandfather raised six children on the family homestead.  With one foot in the past and one in the present, Doc weaves the history and the mystery of the West into his original poetry and music.

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