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Become an active volunteer for outdoor Colorado. Cultivate and share your knowledge as a naturalist when you teach people of all ages. See a sparkling light in kids’ eyes when you talk about the wonders of the natural world around us. Feel good about your participation when you plop down in your comfortable chair at home, still sore from trail building. Volunteering is fun and rewarding, and you get to be outside!RangeTracker Colinda de Groen  (19)

It’s been great fun and a privilege to build RangeTracker and RangeTrackerTV. I feel fortunate to serve as a volunteer for public lands and wildlife.”“Volunteering at this capacity may not be the easiest commitment I’ve ever done in my life, but, as I gain understanding and experience, I’ve discovered that it offers great intrinsically fulfilling and lasting rewards. Along the way I have built relationships with passionate and dedicated people. I volunteer for a cause I believe in, with the excitement of knowing that my efforts are contributing to the common good and for the achievement of my personal goals.“Your volunteering styles may be very different from mine, but with so many great agencies and natural areas to choose from, I’m sure you can find a landscape and schedule to fit your needs. And remember “find your niche and thrive.”

 Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Jefferson County Open Space
 Lookout Mountain Nature Center
 Hiwan Homestead
 Evergreen Audubon
Denver Audubon
Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks
  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge
Denver Mountain Parks
Mt. Evans U.S. Forest Service
 Colorado Natural Heritage Program
 Colorado State Forest Service

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society 
 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
 Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory

RangeTracker Colinda de Groen  (18)

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