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Nature programs in Golden; Lookout Mountain Nature Center, Golden Gate Canyon State ParkGolden Gate RangeTracker (6)

May 7

Green Ranch Hike at Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Join volunteer naturalist John Moyer for an exclusive tour of the Green Ranch property at Golden Gate Canyon State Park; an area that is closed to the public the majority of the year. John will share information on the flora, fauna, and history of the area while seeing the breath-taking views. Please RSVP.


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May 11

Lookout Mt Nature Center

Preschool Nature Nuts: Turtle Time Wednesday, May 11; Thursday, May 12; OR Saturday, May 14 10:15–11am OR 11:15am–12pm Lookout Mountain Nature Center Ages 3–5 with Adult Turtles are the only reptiles with shells that are crucial to their survival. Discover more about Colorado’s freshwater turtles and where to find them soaking up the sun! Act like a turtle with a shell, make a handy turtle craft, dig a nest for eggs and more!

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May 14

Fly Fishing 101 at Golden Gate Canyon

Join volunteer naturalist Ken to learn the in’s and outs of fly fishing, including how to tie flies, different stages of the fly’s life cycle, and the art of casting with a fly fishing rod.

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May 27

Secret Lives of Owls at Golden Gate Canyon

Live owls are presented by Wild Wings master falconer Deanna Curtis, making the experience real, fun, and enlightening. Come learn about the awesome adaptations of owls, such as directional hearing, superior night vision, and silent flight.Golden Gate RangeTracker (9)

May 28

Life of a Mountain Man at Golden Gate Canyon

Enjoy tall tales, mountain lore, and vintage fur trapper equipment demonstrations presented by Possum, Man of the Mountains.

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